Smoke Alarm Services Brisbane

Are you looking for Brisbane Smoke Alarm services that are reliable, affordable, and protects you and your family?

About Smoke Alarm Services Brisbane

We are focused on providing a locally based smoke alarm services throughout South East Queensland to protect and look after local families and their home investments.

We offer a free onsite quote for all Brisbane smoke alarm services so that you have a chance to ask questions face to face. We enjoy this part of the service as it allows our customers to build trust in us.

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Fully Licensed

We are licensed electricians and electrical contractors so should you be interested in other smoke alarm services quoted while onsite we can also provide that.
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We have the knowledge of all aspects from smoke alarm installation right through to how they work.
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Fair Pricing

We can give you options for your smoke alarm service that best suit you and your family, and we have always been fair with our pricing.
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Always Your Choice

No hard sales pitch, we show you what you need and explain why but the decision is yours at the end of the day.
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Local Business

Local business ensures any issue can be solved promptly and you don’t have to wait weeks with nuisance smoke alarms playing up.
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Get Started

Give us a call and organise your free onsite quote today!

About The Smoke Alarms We Use

We are one of the few companies who offer a full 10 years parts and labour warranty.

Brands we use – Our smoke alarms are currently the only brand offering a full labour warranty additional to the product warranty. This means that, should there be any issues with your tenants’ alarms or the ones protecting you and your family, they will cover the cost of the tradesman to repair the issue. This also covers emergency smoke alarm services callouts which can otherwise be quite expensive for landlords.

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10 year full warranty on all smoke alarm installations

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Reduce nuisance alarms with high quality smoke alarms

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Free onsite quotes, giving you the option to ask questions

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All emergency callouts are covered under our warranty

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40 Years Combined Experience

We have been working with the Queensland Government and Redlands City Council on the Home Assist Contract for 12 years and Start Community for 6 years.

Smoke alarm installations – with the upcoming rule changes can – create a headache for many potential people unsure of the smoke alarm legislation or compliance in QLD. This is where we have stepped in early and are building a reputable business before the flood gates open like the solar industry or pink batts scheme. We believe this is extremely important especially when dealing with smoke alarms and people’s safety and wellbeing.

Our Smoke Alarm Services Brisbane

Smoke Alarm Installers Brisbane provides quick and high quality smoke alarm services across Brisbane and South East Queensland. Our number one priority is to look after the families and homes in our local community.

Do you have questions? We offer a free onsite quote for all smoke alarm installations and services so that you can ask us these questions in person. Our team is friendly and knowledgeable, happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Smoke Alarm Installation

Installation of interconnected Smoke Alarms for residential homes and dwellings.

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Class 1A Buildings

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Class 1B Buildings

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Smoke Alarm Maintenance

We provide once-off and scheduled maintenance solutions with reports

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Annual Reports

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End Of Lease Reports

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Data Recording

In depth data recording for landlords/owners & property managers

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Photos Provided

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Serial Numbers Recorded