New QLD Smoke Alarm Regulations: Who Do They Affect?

With new QLD smoke alarm regulations in the works for 2022, we share what they involve and who they affect to ensure your property complies.
Regulations around smoke alarms / smoke detectors are periodically changed by the QLD government and Fire and Emergency Services department. It is essential for landlords and rental property owners to be aware of new regulations to ensure that your property complies. You also need to understand what these new requirements involve, as well as the timeframes that you need to comply within. Smoke alarm compliance not only prevents liability and fines, but also saves lives.

What are the new QLD smoke alarm regulations?

As of 2017, all smoke alarms in new and substantially renovated dwellings must be photoelectric. Photoelectric smoke alarms use a light sensor to detect smoke particles. Smoke alarms manufactured over 10 years ago must also be replaced. More recently, a new QLD smoke alarm regulation is being introduced that all properties must comply with by January 1, 2022. This regulation ensures smoke alarms in all rental properties must:

  • Be photoelectric (not also containing an ionisation sensor)
  • Be less than 10 years old
  • Operate when tested
  • Be interconnected with all smoke alarms within the property so that when one is activated, the alarm is triggered in all smoke detectors across the property
  • Be hardwired or powered by a non-removable (10 year) battery

How does this affect rental properties?

With the new QLD smoke alarm regulations comes some responsibilities for both property owners or managers as well as for the tenants. A lot of people don’t know that you do not need to hold any qualifications or licenses in order to clean, test, or replace batteries in a smoke alarm. People often avoid doing so out of concern that they are not allowed or may compromise the smoke alarm. If you are unsure, you should advise your landlord or call a professional to discuss smoke alarm compliance.

As of January 2022, smoke detectors must be installed on each floor (storey) including in:

  • Every bedroom
  • Hallways between bedrooms and the rest of the house/unit
  • *If there is no bedroom on the floor, at least one smoke detector must be installed in the part of the floor that receives the highest traffic

Landlords and property owners / managers in QLD must also:

  • Test and clean smoke alarms within 30 days before a new tenancy begins
  • Replace any flat or almost flat batteries within 30 days before a new tenancy begins
  • Not remove a smoke alarm or battery
  • Not do anything to compromise the performance of the smoke alarm, including painting or covering it

QLD tenants are also required to:

  • Test and clean smoke alarm at least once a year
  • Replace any flat or almost flat batteries
  • Reach out to their landlord or property owner / manager if there is any problem with the smoke detector
  • Provide access for the landlord or professional to install smoke alarms
  • Not remove or do anything to compromise the smoke alarm’s effectiveness, including painting or covering it

Do you need your smoke alarms serviced or new smoke alarms installed?

Now that smoke alarms must all be interconnected across QLD rental properties, this can often mean that your smoke detectors need to be replaced with newer technology. With this new regulation, everyone is alerted straight away and has more time to get out of harm’s way. It’s not just the law, it’s about saving lives.

Do you need your smoke detectors serviced or replaced to meet QLD smoke alarm regulations? Contact Smoke Alarm Installers on 0477 257 599 today to receive a smoke alarm upgrade quote.

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